Jacqui Melbourne

Paint keeps drawing me is a challenge. Some days it flows and i am over rought with excitement. Then there are days where you spend 6 hrs "killing it softly".

However, colour can sing, complement, conflict. It can require consultation and thought, yet excite.

Use of various mediums, textures are part of my journey and quite often are not be planned. The work often tells me when it needs to change tack.

What is art ?
What ever blows your hair back or soothes the savage beast, is what I say. What one can live amongst, or simply must have.
Horses are a subject which captured me during my youth.
However, I drift to and fro with different subjects...the main focus is to feel passionate about what I am creating.
One of my mentors said..."See it in your mind, be led and open, know when to stop, and know when you are on a good thing, be willing to kill your work and revive it."
I hope you enjoy viewing my gallery. Available works for sale can be viewed by clicking on the link above.