After many years in the advertising industry, I feel blessed to have the time to escape to my studio where I paint, draw and create.

My studio is set up at home, nestled under huge gum trees, on our property, "Woodlands", in Jindera, which is just north of Albury, on the NSW border.

My studio assistant is "Charlie Brown", a Westy Cross/ Maltese Shitszu, who is never far from my side. You can often see him sporting various colours or shades after a pat from paint covered hands.

I enjoyed many hours immersing myself in Walt Disney, Norman Rockwell, Talouse La Trec, Wolf Khan (colour), John Olsen (colour and freedom), William Dobell, Margaret Woodward to name a few.

The life of an artist is such a roller coaster, joy in the visual, the imagination and thought of brilliance...but angst, in depth of thought and the striving to get the message out of ones mind and onto the canvas.

I hope you enjoy venturing further, for a look see at some of my work.

I do take some commissioned pieces, but love to fly free and explore.

Jacqui Melbourne Design
Jacqui Melbourne Design
Jacqui Melbourne Design