Jacqui Melbourne

I began working In the advertising Industry at the age of 16, ...back in the day!

I had a fantastic start...1980 In North Sydney, for an absolutely mad house creative business, Tony Dunford Studios.

These guys were "creative break-aways". They did, not fit the "mould" of your typical ad agency, many of them having studied in English art schools (a permission note to be absolute nutters). But they were brilliant and I was lucky, I soaked it all in like a sponge.

My past experiences drove home an essential. A designer role is to create branding which communicates and gives identity and individuality.

I am not inhibited by what a computer can create...my work starts with pencil on paper, which creates individuality and freedom.

Although retired from my graphic design business, I occasionally take on logo design and branding work. For enquiries, give me a call on 0427 778 038 to discuss or  Click Here to complete our contact form.